Made for GMTK Game Jam 2019, the theme is "Only One".

In this game you play as a matchmaking service worker, who is tasked to match beautiful girls to guys with very specific requirements, Only One girl will match.

Look  through profiles of girls and find the right one, the faster you do, the better.

Try to find as many matches as possible in the given time in classic mode, or experience a spooky experience in story mode.

Mouse only input, works on mobile devices too.


One Love - Windows 21 MB


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Interesting concept, if I just had a little extra time to find the match would be very nice indeed.  Great work, nice little game for a jam.

Great concept! I think the story mode could be easier, to allow more people to finish it (like me, haha), and then add a "hardcore" mode to be more challenging.

Really cool game! quite hard, but fun to play

Got more success in this game than in my love life!

hi! i tried this in every format provided, and none of them worked. no cards ever popped up, i don't know if it's just me or what but

Sorry to hear...Try to double click on  "One love" and than choose story mode or casual. I checked it and it worked fine on different computers. It doesn't work on smart phones but should work well on PC. Let me know if it worked :) Thank you for trying! :)